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released March 7, 2011



all rights reserved


Scarred by Beauty Copenhagen, Denmark

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Track Name: Indika
you brought your guns tonight
and I am only armed with blurry smiles and hazy eyes
Oh you will conquer all around you,
while I kiss the sky

it's been a long night
proving to ourselves that this is not the end
and so here we are
washed up in the light

If we're really going down then I'll be smiling every step of the way

I saw you dancing tonight,
I saw the blaze
maybe we were falling apart
Track Name: Circle The Reservoir
It's all so simple
until everything falls apart and turns into
pieces of puzzles that I've never seen before
oh and I start all over again

I am an architect and I will design myself

circle the reservoir
with the water by my side as my witness
I know that somewhere in skies above us
there is a piece for me
Track Name: We Swim
Swim for your life
Swim for life

tonight nobody sings, but we are
screaming our hearts out on to the
breath in my brother

cause we’ll do what we always do
and we’ll do it again
we swim

in predatory waters bound to swim
we fight these freezing rivers
the winter is here to stay
stay with me

we fight these freezing rivers by painting
pavements with everything inside
we fight

tonight we do what we always do
and we’ll do it again
we swim
Track Name: Oh Brother, I Believe
we could be dead
we could be the same just like everyone else
and it must taste so sweet
not to believe

oh brother I am not like them
but tell me does that make me less
cuz, brother, I believe in love

guess I'd like to sleep
wouldn't you like to sleep

oh brother, I believe in you and me
Track Name: Embers
what fools we've been
I'm only running now
we're only running now - out of time

you have seen it all, and you're so sure of what is next
so I tend to lose my way
sometimes I forget - that this is far from the same

let go and I'll do my best to learn the same
it'll shine someday
and the embers will light up the sky

you already know exactly what I believe
Track Name: About Words
you speak with words and now you're
walking away
because we are in this together and now
we are walking away
time is all that we have and we've been
spending it wrong

speech is words that leave our mouths
we turn our backs and walk away

if time was all that we had, then we've
been spending it wrong

so we spoke, we walked away
and all that we gained, all that we have
left is words
and looking back at it, it feels so
fucking hollow
Track Name: A Million Metaphors
a million metaphors wouldn’t help me verbalize
how I don’t want forevers ghost to hunt me anymore
so I accept the ocean and the air
I drown in the water, I fly in the wind
and I go on knowing how sometimes in this life you brake
drown in the water, fly with the wind, reborned in the sunrise
I am reborned on an unknown shore
Track Name: Woman
even trough death, your army marches on
still after years, your dagger is bleeding me dry
I've cut your throat more than a million times
night after night, over and over again

I have buried you a thousand times
and all across the continents I've said your name
who would've known forever would be such a long time

I curse the fact that I still love to see your smile

reborn in all your glory you stand before me
crippled and broken my hallelujah spills out at your feet

triumph - woman is your name
Track Name: Mountain
Did you see the snow
have you felt the sun
can you hear it's breath
this beating breath

it's so strong

we have wandered in ashes
with bleeding hands and crowns of dirt
like animals we ran through the desserts

we are alive
and this mountain is our soul